Prince Update ~ 23 January 2014: “All in right timing”

My Prince’s Gift: “All in right timing.”

This is a philosophy I’ve lived with for many years. Inevitably, as these things go, MUCH easier to put into practice and/or live when things aren’t as important as what’s going on with Prince.

I had a lot to get done the past couple of days; yet Prince is wanting more and more of mommy’s time. Just to let him lay against me and to touch him. I think he’s reminding me to take a deep breath, and to slow down. I’ve been someone who has “races” since an infant. Much to my parent’s dismay, I was running at age 9 months.

When Prince comes over to me, looks at me with those eyes, or whines to get my attention, I sometimes try to brush him off if I’m in the midst of something. Lately, very quickly and because I have the luxury of being at home during this time; I stop to spend time with Prince and/or Blaze or Missy or Celt or Bellissimo, our cockatiel.

I’m also wrestling with the concept of how little Prince is eating some days, given he used to be a boy who would get into EVERYTHING remotely edible. You’ll see in the picture in this gallery just how skinny he is, with very little muscle mass. I worry that maybe it’s time for him to transition. Frankly, I check in with that concept a few times each day.

After a lengthy discussion with our fabulous holistic vet, Dr. (Philip) Skip Hightman, it’s clear I’ll know when it’s time for both of my boys. Just as I knew for Tuna in April and Tiffany in July. I am so overly conscientious of my kids not suffering that often Doc has to remind me not to make the decision too soon.

I am in the midst of LOTS of huge changes in my life. Sometimes I’m wondering “why hasn’t ‘x’ happened yet” or “when will ‘x’ happen”. All of this keeps me out of living the present. Today my life is taking care of daily tasks and enjoying time with Prince and Blaze. It’s impossible with Prince’s requests for mommy time, then Blaze’s request for mommy time as well as the other kids ….to not be living in the moment.

My fervent wish is that when both my boys pass; I won’t fall into old habits again which don’t serve me and how I’d like to LIVE life. Well, “Velcro boy” has gone outside so “in right timing” (hehehehe) .. time for mommy to take a break as well. Then we can return to being glued to each other. <3 <3

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