I’m not sure I’m fond of the word “rescue”. I can’t exactly explain why although it certainly is descriptive … I think to me I have been inspired and amazed and just blown away by the lives of so many Dachshunds following their previous lives …. that I want to see and focus on the possibilities.

Too often I see people stuck in the awfulness, the sadness, the hurt, the heartache …. and what I experience from “rescue” is the amazingness of it all.  Whether how it works, how all the pieces come together, how people’s hearts are opened, how the Dachshunds are so trusting and loving and open.

That is what I want to support and create and collaborate and inspire ….. people who love Dachshunds supporting those bringing all Dachshunds into a loving situation …. even if that sweet one has only a short amount of time, or the Dachshund is a senior, or they are with us for years and years.

Please, let’s focus on the love … on the joy ….on the play … on the peace … on the laughter.

Won’t you join me in supporting Dachshund “love” groups … who help make sure all Dachshunds are in a safe, loving environment and  each animal and person has the opportunity to experience their own version of joy ….

LOL, the current Dachshund Mafia would like you to know that they do not find it “joyful” …. if that means mommy takes out the dreaded spray bottle (doesn’t use it) to remind some pack members that we do not need to bark incessantly when anything is outside our 4 foot fence that “we” can see through and we live on a pond with ducks, geese, squirrels, etc., and well, you know … neighbors.  “Mommy is a big meanie.”