Adopt or purchase is an easy choice when confronted with the facts that about 25% of animals euthanized in shelters are purebred. An even easier decision combined with the fact that many people are indiscriminately breeding and flooding the market with many Dachshunds needing homes, unaware or perhaps uncaring of how to properly breed for genetic issues.

Nowadays here’s what I ask myself, when yet another cute puppy or younger Dachshund for purchase is shown to me or crosses my path …. Besides the obvious, “Is it fair to my current household?” … I ask myself, “Am I willing to allow a Dachshund to be euthanized because I just had to buy a Dachshund?” There are often litters available from rescue groups when they have foster homes who will take in a mother or soon-to-be mother.

I have more I’d like to share on this including my own experience, out of ignorance, of having 1 planned litter (my beloved Tuna was one of two puppies) and 1 unplanned litter (Courtney and her brother Dobie came from the four in this litter).  I’ll fill in more details just as soon as I get the rest of the website up.

In the meantime, have you checked out the Monthly Doxie Club yet?

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