Benny’s Barktique Shop

Welcome to Benny’s Barktique. It’s all about the fun and the convenience …. and, well, love of Dachshunds and everything Dachshund … and helping rescues. Think of Benny’s Barktique as your personal shopper … where you might come on days for a pick-me-up and some smiles ….. maybe you’re looking for that special gift for a Dachshund lover ….. Or, well, you not-so-subtly give your loved ones the links to the items you like.  Dachshund Mafia is happy to offer a gift wrapping service and a great selection of cards for many occasions. Interested in building a custom gift package for someone, let’s connect.

You’ll find a mix of some of the most fun and interesting Dachshund items AND your purchase will go to support various groups and/or Dachshund owners.

The items are broken into three different categories based on who the purchase benefits and to what percentage; be sure to click on the link for more information on each:

Find out more about the ins and out of shopping, payment, shipping costs as well as who benefits or START SHOPPING NOW.

While you’re here, the Dachshund Mafia and I would LOVE it if you’d consider joining the growing list of people who are donating monthly on an automatic basis to some Dachshund group … this is SO important so that a group knows they have regular monies coming in to support the life-saving work they do, day-in and day-out. Plus, you could win the neatest gifts. ~Laurel Ley