Benny’s “Precious Punky”

Reprinted as a surprise for Benny Archuleta from his website(s) which are no longer active sites. This is as originally printed, as Punky is no longer alive but this “voice” below is hers:

Welcome to my home page!
I’m not really “precious”, but don’t tell my new daddy that! My name is “Hylton’s Wee Punky”, or Punky, for short. I’m a red sable mini smooth dachshund, 13 years old on May 15, 1998. I am also a rescue dachsie. You see, a while back, my original owner went someplace where I was not able to go with her. Because she loved me so very much, she gave me over to the Dachshund Club of America and I was placed into their dachshund rescue program. To be honest, they did not think that I was a very good candidate for rescue because of my age. But they agreed to try, and placed my information on the Dachshund Rescue Web Page .

IT WORKED!!! My new daddy saw the listing and was so afraid that I would be “put down” if a good home wasn’t found for me, that he agreed to adopt me and bring me home to Jacksonville, Florida with him. I’m happy and healthy and I hope to be able to give him many years of love. Many people won’t adopt a dachsie my age, but my new daddy looked beyond my years to see a beautiful heart. I know I am special to him and that’s why he calls me his ………