Rescue Groups

Rescue Groups are literally the lifeblood of the lives of many Dachshunds.  They are the ones who step up when yet another Dachshund is turned into a kill shelter, or a human with a Dachshund, for whatever reasons, need to rehome their Dachshund …. or there’s a major health issue in a Dachshund needing rescue or a major behavior issue. They step up, and make it happen. They are the true warriors when it comes to saving Dachshunds.

Over 16+ years, I’ve crossed paths and/or worked directly with a number of Dachshund breed-specific rescue groups and people. I’ve conducted home visits for a number of them, especially when traveling … I’ve helped in leg-to-leg driving transports … I’ve helped some raise money … I’ve made sure that Dachshund breed-specific groups get the Dachshunds in smaller puppy mill seizures or natural disaster responses. However, since that time when I’ve been more active, there are a lot of groups which have started or evolved.

I am not directly familiar with all of the organization’s in this list provided by Dachshund Rescue List which is quite comprehensive. If you find any updates to their list, please let them know directly.

If you’re interested in donating monthly to a Dachshund rescue group, find out more here.

Dachshund Mafia is a collaborative initiative. It ONLY works when we all share a vision and are willing to put the action behind the thought: To help support Dachshund-specific rescue groups until such time as there is only responsible “breeding” and ALL Dachshunds are wanted and have loving homes.