Laurel’s Lovelies

These are items for which it’s time for them to move on to a new home. Some are Dachshund-related, some dog or cat-related, some just interesting items I’ve had.  There are a few new items.  Whether lightly loved or new, that will be indicated on each item.

The sale of these will primarily cover my own out-of-pocket cost, and go to help me unbury from 4+ years of ongoing vet bills, due to a number of seniors, and a few unexpected illnesses. This includes Tuna’s COPD/CHF-like lung disorder which took him from thriving and healthy to dead in about 2-3 months plus Prince’s stomach cancer.

While an amazing group of people, invited by Benny Archuleta to help to a great extent with some of my bills as a surprise for my birthday in July 2013, at that time, I was already buried in about $8,000 and that was before Prince’s diagnoses. We all know how it can be with Dachshunds and their backs. A number of mine have received acupuncture treatments when needed as well as other effective treatments.

For a few potentially high-value items of mine that will be offered for rehoming, a portion of that will be donated to a designated beneficiary. This will be indicated on each individual item.

If (I now have two who have aged into seniors)/when I unbury from the bills, if there is any additional monies, that will likely be used to pay for incorporating Dachshund Mafia.  Unless of course, between now and if that time ever comes, someone is inspired to cover the related expenses for incorporation. ~smiles warmly~ A girl can always wish, can’t she?