Participating Group Guidelines

I am excited, pleased, and honored by any groups who are considering participating with the Dachshund Mafia “Monthly Doxie Club” initiative. If you’ve already visited this page, and are ready to start the registration process, you can go here.

Throughout the site, there’s one consistent message I have hoped to convey: This is a collaborative effort. It’s about bringing together those who see the strength in numbers, and in speaking shared messages … all in our own individual voices. You know, just like how our beloved Dachshunds are … individuals within a pack mindset.

I’ve been working through some basic guidelines which I think are reasonable and will provide visitors to the site with a confidence that groups here are legitimate and in the same mindset of collaboration. Also, it will apply to those I’ve known for years, just to keep the process consistent. If anyone would like to know more about me, I’d suggest doing an internet search as well as checking out my “resume website”. Plus, you can find me  and Dachshund Mafia on Facebook, although social media isn’t where I spend a lot of time.

What is offered for Participation on the website? First, there’s no charge (of course not) and my time  and this site is my “love offering” to our beloved Dachshunds. It’s how I can best contribute to rescue. Here’s what your organization will receive:

  • A listing on the Monthly Doxie Club page with your logo
    • Inclusion of your logo in the montage on that page
  • An announcement shared on the home page and in the “Woofings” blog section when your organization comes on-board
    • This will be shared via social media as well
  • A page write-up on your organization, available to all
  • Inclusion as a “Who Benefits” from items added to the Benny’s Barktique shop
    • A summary with appropriate documentation will be sent monthly for items that are listed for your organization although my intention will be to transfer monies more frequently
  • Access to adding items to the Benny’s Barktique shop
  • Priority listing on the “Various Fun(d)-Raisers” page
  • Option to link to your adoption page from the Adopt page on this site
  • Other options as they come up, including ideas others may have
    • Anyone want to become more involved as a volunteer, as I am

I’m suggesting these guidelines for participation by all organizations:

  • A conversation with me and whoever from your organization you’d like to include
    • Gives us a chance to talk, share, and create
  • Have the option on your website and/or via PayPal (or the like) to accept monthly donations
  • Agree to monthly provide a list of names only (ideally in an Excel spreadsheet) of all of your new monthly donor signups
    • This list will used to keep track of reaching the goal of 10,000 new monthly donor signups
    • Also, the list will be used to draw names for the fun, casual give-away
  • Provide a write-up or work with me on one for your page on this site
    • Includes providing photographs
  • Work with me to create an announcement for the site to be shared via social media
    • Includes you sharing with your own contacts as well as providing photographs
  • Provide photographs for the website (we’ll add your organization’s name on them)
    • I have literally hundreds of photographs I could add but the site is a collaborative one and well, I just never tire of seeing Dachshund photos
    • You could even run a little “contest” with your donors … become a monthly donor and win the chance to have photos of your beloved Dachshund featured on the site
    • Everyone has darling Dachshund photos, of course
  • Agreement to provide a blog a month to be published in the Woofings blog
    • This can really be a forum for more exposure, to talk about issues you want to, etc.
    • Can be as simple as a reflection of hanging out with the dogs on a particular night
    • Will need to provide a photo to size
  • Provide at least one item for the give-aways related to who signs up for the Monthly Doxie Club
    • The first casual, fun drawing will be when we reach a collective 1,000 participants
    • After that, there will be quarterly drawings as well as special drawing at 5,000 and 10,000 participants
  • Provide the following (below(
    • Link to your organization’s IRS listing
      • If your organization is younger than 1 year old, provide a copy of your IRS ruling
    • Link to your organization’s incorporation listing
  • Agree to attempt to work through any conflicts with other organizations
    • Conflicts occur, that’s why we have communication … let’s agree to take the high road when conflicts do occur
  • Agree to collaborate on other ways we can spread the word about Dachshunds and rescue

Interested but want to know more? Send me a message. Ready to start the registration process? You can do so right here:

If you would like to start the registration process, here you go: