Prince Update ~ 24 January 2014: “Feel life fully”

My Prince’s Gift: “Feel life fully.”

I continue to be amazed at Prince’s high interest in going for at least one r-i-d-e a day, given more and more he’s not sitting or standing up watching out the window as he has. L

ately, he’s been lying in my lap or on the seat. Yet he still hugely enjoys the outing. Even when cold, I open the window, at least a few inches. Prince tilts his nose up, sniffing up every experience he can. Combined with the waves of sadness I was feeling today, all of a sudden it struck me …

Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh … Prince is trying to remind me to experience ALL of life.

Too often we shut down, even the feelings we enjoy. We’re often afraid the feelings we enjoy aren’t going to last, so we don’t surrender to them. Or we follow the path of “immediate gratification” in feelings, when IF WE were in touch with our feelings, we’d see something was a passing fancy or short-term satisfaction or thrill.

Great example for me is sugar …. mmmm, just thinking of it I get a rush. YET when I touch a bit further into myself, I sense that while I would enjoy the sugar rush, my body would really rather appreciate not indulging as after the sugar rush wears off, I feel worse.

If I emulate Prince sniffing in all he can and then sitting with it, savoring and sorting through what is passing through me … then I can get to my truth.

Today, one truth was I was beyond frustrated with the dryer situation as I had spent a lot of time making sure the service call would go smoothly. LOL .. in spite of best intentions, it didn’t. A few hours and a dozen phone calls later … a check is being expedited for the cost of the machine. In the meantime, I broke down on a number of the calls as I just wanted to get my dryer fixed so I could give Prince his “happy time” nesting in a comforter in the laundry room with the dryer going.

Some people may be uncomfortable hearing that I cried. They may feel powerless; wishing they could be something or more. Perhaps it evokes in them how they feel when they want to cry. Likely it makes most of us feel vulnerable.

What was a wonderful gift was in each situation, the person I was speaking to had lost an animal they loved, and they got to share their own stories. It was a wonderful way to connect with people. Two of the representatives even commented on how they enjoyed the opportunity to connect. Their words, not mine. I was watching the movie “Sex and the City”. It’s a recommended movie for both females and males; it’s all about relationships of all levels. In one scene, the main female characters are talking about “sex”. Yet because there’s a young child around, they use the concept of “coloring” in lieu of using the term “sex”.

The character of “Samantha” talks about how she uses the whole box of colors. I LOVED that concept in terms of “Feel life fully”.

I want to experience the whole box of colors, when it comes to life. Even if that means feeling deep sadness over the loss of a loved one; or risking the joys of surrendering to a deep connection. At least I know I will have lived life fully, instead of tip-toeing on the edges or perhaps shoving my way through it.

So, WOW … after reading to a friend, I realized that I translated “Feel life fully” to “live life fully”. Hmmmmmm, perhaps that’s the key. As someone is saying in my ear as I type this, “to life live fully, you have to feel life fully”. For Prince and from Prince, I hearby declare I will now “live life fully”. Anyone want to join me? <3 <3

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