Retirement Home for Senior Wieners

The main graphic for this section is from someone who created it out of respect and appreciation for Benny Archuleta aka “Senior Wiener”. He’s the human behind the “Retirement Home for Senior Wieners”. There’s a lot of information shared on this website about Benny as he is the original inspiration for the concept that led to

The concept behind the Retirement Home for Senior Wieners is simple: Benny’s offer is to take in any senior which is brought to him.

While for years Benny “rescued” Dachshunds in the traditional way many do, his fondness has always been for seniors, starting with his “Precious Punky”.

The current residents are: Charlie, Kasea, Peanut, Rose, Shelito, Skeeter, Spice. Many loved ones have transitioned over the past year or two. One interesting facet of taking in seniors is, of course, they are more likely to pass sooner than younger dogs. This is especially true based on the conditions they come in with, and/or the care they have received in their lives.

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In 2015 Benny was “outsourced” from the job he had with Continental (now United Airlines due to a merger) Airlines since 1981; 34 years of loyal service. This job allowed him to support his rescue work with Dachshunds. Concurrent to the loss of his income, Benny was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease which makes it impossible for him to work. He continues to be committed to helping senior wieners, often at not taking care of himself.

If you love senior Dachshunds and appreciate how Benny Archuleta has impacted the world of Dachshund rescue and animal rescue, will you join me in helping to support his efforts? Buy items which benefit the Retirement Home for Senior Wieners and/or sign up to gift Benny and the Senior Wieners now.