Find Help for Yourself

It can be overwhelming when our beloved four-legged family members have a medical issue, and we don’t know how we’ll pay for it.  This is especially true for emergencies. Finding up-to-date information and fast can be so relieving.

Dachshund World Charities, Inc. has one of the most comprehensive lists of available resources for pet owners.

If you know of any resources not on their list, please connect with Dachshund Mafia so that we can either link to other lists or add that resource here.

Please note, as a general practice, Dachshund Mafia will not be offering fund-raising support for individuals. There are many great organizations which help with those including Dachshund World Charities. The few exceptions would include a scenario in which the person is personally known, their situation has been vetted by an organization, vet information is provided as well as copies of vet records, estimates, etc. While I’d love to do more, the time spent on this is all volunteer.

The focus here is on inspiring participation in our Monthly Doxie Club to support Dachshund breed-specific groups.