Monthly Doxie Club

Come, JOIN IN THE FUN. No, this club is not about getting a Doxie a month. LOL. It IS about supporting the groups that are likely, in one month’s time, to be taking in at least 1, if not many more, homeless, unwanted, Dachshunds. The two things which seem to limit these groups’ ability to help Dachshunds is money and available foster homes.

It’s simple to participate:  Click on the image of one of the participating groups below, and sign up directly with them to make a conscious automatic monthly donation (or gift) of at least $10 a month or whatever feels comfortable for you:

Donate monthly and/or share information about this … your name could be picked in a fun, casual drawing for some interesting items. Have something you’d like to contribute, wonderful; let us know. The participating group will advise Dachshund Mafia of their monthly donors so we know who is a regular monthly donor to make sure your name is included in our fun, casual drawing.

If the group you want to donate to isn’t listed here, email your payment set-up to Dachshund Mafia.  Plus, feel free to direct that group to this page for Participating Group Guidelines.  Be sure to continue your monthly donation and monthly email that information to Dachshund Mafia unless the group you’ve donated to has joined the Monthly Doxie Club; then, we’ll get the information directly from them.

Once we reach 1,000 people donating monthly, your name could be drawn in our fun, casual drawing; prizes coming here soon. After we reach this goal, we’ll continue to have quarterly drawings as we move towards the goal of 10,000 people donating monthly (consciously giving on an automatic basis) to some Dachshund breed-specific rescue group or effort.  That number really isn’t that large as it’s roughly 0.00125% of the number of people some large social media platform says people have indicated they have an interest in Dachshunds.  Even if we quartered their number, it’s still only 1/2 of 1% of their number, and that’s just one source.

Please, if you love Dachshunds like many of us do, won’t you consider signing up to consciously donate monthly to some Dachshund group and/or effort?

Check out Benny’s Barktique Shop and share with your equally Dachshund-crazy friends and family.

Then consider if you might make a good foster home. One foster home often translates to a Dachshund being taken out of a desperate or pressing situation or even one Dachshund life saved. ARE YOU READY TO HELP SAVE A LIFE TODAY?  Or, maybe you’re ready to adopt.

Enjoying what you see here? Please share with your friends who also love Dachshunds.