Who Benefits?

To me, anyone who contributes either by purchasing items in Benny’s Barktique Shop and/or donating to some group benefits.  We all love that feeling of contributing and of community.

In terms of who benefits by receiving money, there are basically 3 categories:

  • A very short list of a person and a group or two who no longer or do not have 501(c)(3) status; yet have made significant contributions to Dachshunds for years
  • Any Dachshund, breed-specific organization which is interested in participating in this collaborative initiative and has agreed to a few agreed-upon, uniformly requested guidelines
  • An occasional person or two, who I either know personally and has had a crowd-funding opportunity online and/or has been screened and vetted by a participating organization 
    • This would include that vet records are made available for private review and depending on how the situation has been vetted by a group, a confirmation call may be need to be made by me

Find out more about what amount of each purchase from Benny’s Barktique a group (or individual) will receive.