Sabrina Cordani-Brown

Sabrina is the proud mom to 10 rescued Doxies. Some of her fur babies were really hit hard in 2017 and this is on top of Wraith’s five-year cancer battle.

I recently got to know Sabrina as she and her THREE Dachshunds needing medical care were being featured as the beneficiary for the Holiday auction offered by Dachshund World Charities, Inc.  I got to know her when I reached out to offer her some items (at cost) that she had made “Buy Now” in the auction or were getting high bids for. That way, she could offer the additional item(s) to the next high bidder at the final bid price. Those people are happy as they get an item they love, and Sabrina would benefit as she’d raise more money without a lot of effort.  YAY, everyone wins. We got to chatting and found out how much we’re alike.

What I have gotten to know about Sabrina is how open and generous her heart is. For years, she’s donated items to various groups for their own fund-raising efforts. I purchased a couple of Snoopy-themed items from the auction for a friend who is home-bound. I mentioned to Sabrina that my friend loves Snoopy; Sabrina immediately stated she was going to include some other items she has that are Snoopy-themed. Even in her need, she’s thinking of others.

Sabrina has had three Dachshunds with serious health issues.  Her 11 year old boy, Wraith has thyroid cancer which has now spread to his lungs; yet for 5 years he’s defied the medical reports that he had only a few months. He received radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery; he is presently still undergoing chemotherapy. Sabrina’s 5 year old boy, Zeke had neuro-surgery for 3 ruptured discs. He never fully recovered, has limited mobility, and is anal incontinent. Her 7 year old, Mojo has Insulinoma, a malignant tumor in the pancreas, which has been surgically removed. It will resurface at some point, so he is still considered to have cancer. As a direct result of the surgery, he developed severe pancreatitis and consequently, has to be fed with a feeding tube. Here’s what she shared with me about Wraith:

Wraith is one of 12 rescued siblings, most of which came to me with medical issues.

I’ve been rescuing dachshunds all my life, starting with a stray Doxie who was hit by a car in front of my house when I was a child. He was going to be euthanized due to a broken leg and nobody was claiming him. I begged my parents to save him and so my love affair with Dachshunds began!

I’ve been donating to rescues and auctions for years that help other Doxies in need. I also help my local no-kill shelter (Putnam Humane Society) from which I’ve adopted six fur children (one being Wraith).

Wraith has been battling thyroid cancer for the last 5 years. Doctors gave him 3 months to live if no treatment was given. I took him to the doctors who gave him the radiation and chemo he needed. I was told eventually the cancer would come back. Well it has…60% in fact.

His only chance to live was to have a thyroidectomy, which was done in 2017, and be followed by chemo (again) indefinitely. This last surgery and his upcoming treatments have financially wiped me out.

My Wraith is a fighter and deserves more time for all that he has endured and honestly because I love him with all my heart.

What I find so amazing and inspiring about Sabrina is that in spite of being buried in her own vet costs as well as maintaining a quality of life for her pack and providing extensive care for her three with significant health issues, she has continued to donate to groups on a regular basis. Her concern is with all Dachshunds, not just her own.

I think Sabrina has made it clear how she loves her Dachshunds and all Dachshunds … with all her heart and soul …. and she puts the her love into action.

Let’s show Sabrina some love by purchasing products earmarked to benefit she and her pack to help her get her own veterinarian costs down, so she can continue her support of Dachshund rescue and her local favorite, Putnam Humane Society