Designed to provide some fun items for fellow Dachshund lovers to buy and to help out groups and a few individuals who may need help, Benny’s Barktique is named after Benny Archuleta aka “Senior Wiener”.

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Items are being added every few hours. Oh, don’t have a fun mug to fill with your favorite beverage? Benny’s Barktique has a wide range with non-Holiday ones being added soon. There are tons of Christmas items, as well.

Not sure what to get the Dachshund lover in your life, contact Founder Laurel Ley to create a custom gift package for you.  Consider including a monthly donation to a Dachshund rescue group in the name of the Dachshund lover in your life, or perhaps for yourself.

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Don’t know what you’re looking for?  Can’t find the perfect gift for the Dachshund lovers in your life? Want to celebrate the holiday season filled with visions of sugar plums and Dachshunds?  The Holi-Dachs shop is the place to be. Get your fingers ready …. because the most fun is that you get to help Dachshund rescue efforts while finding items that are just so fun.

You’ll find a wealth of information on this site regarding Benny Archuleta aka “Senior Wiener”. The reason is simple … he is a major inspiration for the concept behind this site as well as within the Dachshund rescue world.  ~ LEARN MORE ~

For Immediate Release

It’s a girl? Nope.

It’s a boy? Nope.

Woof …. surprise … it’s a Dachshund, and it’s part of the cool Mafia ~ the Dachsund Mafia.

A love child is birthed …. combining the love of Dachshunds, the love of helping groups with fun(d)-raising, the love of finding more fun Dachshund-themed items, the love of efficiency …. and the love of collaboration.

Standing on the shoulders of so many before, and so many beside …. the website of has been birthed.  Just in time for holiday shopping (that benefits Dachshunds and their humans) and just in time to honor your loved ones over the holidays by making a monthly donation in their name.

That’s the primary focus of the Dachshund Mafia website … to inspire those who love Dachshunds and those who love the humans who love Dachshunds ….. to signup to support some Dachshund effort by automatically donating at least $10 a month. With just 100 people doing this for a group, that’s $1,000 a month that the group can rely on.  For some groups, this can make a huge difference, and for others, through the Dachshund Mafia collaborative site, having 100 donors a month is a great start. ~ LEARN MORE ~

It was 2 years ago today my beloved Prince of My Prince’s Gift decided it was time to transition out of his body. He was a member of the the Dachshund Mafia He taught me so much across our time together … especially since he was diagnosed with stomach cancer on Thanksgiving, 2013 …. This is by far my most favorite picture of us together.

He was a boy with a serious biting issue who Benny Archuleta entrusted me over time to work with him and eventually to allow Prince and I to be together where we belonged. We had become part of each other’s souls … Or maybe we were always like that and it just took me time to recognize him.

I invite you to check out the daily lessons I posted about, compliments of my sweet angel boy …

He visits frequenly in spirit .. giving the new crew lessons on driving mommy nuts, and how to make me beam. Well, he and Tuna are doing that as Debbie well knows.

Our special thanks to Buceo Stephano who was a daily support .. and then on the day of Prince’s transition, he and his pack honored Prince at the time of his death (Stephan knew the original time and his Goldie knew the actual time as she howled exactly at the new time) ….. They honored us with a traditional Native ceremony as well.

Prince died many years sooner than expected, and he was my 3rd in 10 months to transition out of body. Even though they are all around a lot .. I do miss times such as these. ~ Laurel  

It is with mixed emotions I share that I helped our boy, Blaze, transition out of his physical body today. It was time, he was tired.

He missed his best friends .. the original “Dachshund Mafia”. This is him with Tuna (left), his son, and Tiffany, his Love. We often listened to Elvis’ “Hound Dog” and “Return to Sender” with the kids “dancing” with mommy.

His passing was peaceful, held lovingly in my arms. Blaze was 16 1/2. He had been living with Dementia as well as a loss of most of his eyesight and hearing for some time. He bravely faced life, trucking down the hall between rooms.

He was the world’s best snuggler.

In the next few days I am going to post up a number of items plus services being offered to help me pay off the approximately remaining $10,000 in vet bills between these three and including Prince’s bills, about half of this. Half of everything will be going to pay the $3,000 loaned to me for Prince’s bills by a generous soul who has his own rescue dogs to care for. The loan let me focus on Prince’s life, rather than his death.

In fourteen months, I’ve gone from 6 dogs to 2, Celt and Missy. There are many changes coming in my life; getting the loan paid off plus paying down the remaining bills put on credit cards will give me some peace around the coming transitions in my life. If you’re inspired to help now, gifts would be gratefully accepted via Paypal sent to I’ve spent most of my life being the one to help others. It’s quite new to be on the receiving side; and a wonderful life lesson for me.

I am mostly at peace with Blaze’s transition due to the internal work I’ve been doing since Thanksgiving when my health took a sudden turn for the better, after being physically ill for over a year. In the past month, my healing has been facilitated by the gift of learning Trinity Energy Progression.

As I left for the vet now knowing if Blaze was returning home in bodily form or not, I supported myself with a few things .. I immediately started using Trinity Energy Progression, I tapped into the support of my “community”, and I wore two of my Intentions Jewelry bracelets .. “White Buffalo Calf Woman” and “St. Germaine”. I got 3 of the bracelets on my 50th birthday, four years ago July; and this latest phase of my spiritual path started then.

I am grateful for my wonderful companions in my life; some are now participating via spirit form ~Laurel See More

This was Prince and I on 7 January 2014 during his cancer treatment.

We were at the vet’s office waiting for an acupuncture treatment. This was one of the last times we went to our beloved holistic vet’s office as Prince had made the choice he no longer wanted to receive treatment even at the vet’s office. At this point, he had lived weeks past best estimates as in early December he had started to refuse Sub -Q fluids, Sub-Q pain meds, and any other meds either in pill or liquid form.

If you haven’t read his story, it’s here. Feel free to join us there to share your own experiences and thoughts on life, death, grieve, healing, and love for both humans and our beloved animal friends ~Laurel <3 <3

My Prince’s Gift: “Connected in spirit.”

It’s with mixed emotions I share that I helped Prince transition this evening around 5 p.m., East Coast time.

I held him in my arms, with my hand on his heart.

In true “Prince form” … on our ferry ride, he attempted to bite the nice ferry man who started to reach to pet him. Hehhehehee .. then he barked and started to howl.

His spirit is strong; it was time for him to transition out of his body. More pictures and an update much later. I am grateful for all of the support on this page as well as via PM, phone, and Skype <3 <3

My Prince’s Gift: “Step up into love.”

After our daily r-i-d-e, I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching movies and napping with the kids.

I was chatting with a friend while w-a-l-k-ing Celt and heard that today’s gift from Prince was going to be something about “Love”.

One of the movies which was on today is “Step Up”. It’s a fun dance/music movie with many underlying messages. Channing Tatum, who is yummy to look at, says this towards the end of the movie: “I do realize how important this is. That’s exactly why I’m here. You said if I want something, I gotta fight for it. Right? That’s what I’m doing. I’m fighting for something real for the first time in my life.”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of “love”. I’ve heard before that “love is an action word”. Hearing and saying the words are lovely. A twist on the old saying, “faith without works is dead” applies, for me, to the concept of love.

I’m reading a book I’ve had since the 80s to a friend of mine. “The Game of Life and How to Play It” by Florence Scovel Shinn was published in 1925; almost ninety years ago. It’s one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. Non-coincidentally, today’s chapter I was reading is on “Love”; I realized this after today’s gift came to me.

The author says, “Real love is selfless and free from fear. It pours itself out upon the object of its affection, without demanding any return. Its joy is in the joy of giving. Love is God in manifestation, and the strongest magnetic force in the universe. Pure, unselfish love is drawing to itself its own, it does not need to seek or demand.”

This time with Prince has given me an opportunity to really explore the concept of love. One of the readers of this page has been messaging me and shared this link recently and specifically pointed out the section on “seeking comfort”. Then the person typed this: “Prince trusts you with his life.”

Seeing that brought tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart as it’s true, and I had never seen that gift until pointed out to me. He’s lying in the dog bed next to me, in bed. Occasionally he looks over, or nudges my hand if it gets close enough, to remind me to finish soon so we can enjoy our remaining time together.

Prince encourages me to keep my heart open, to let love in, not to close down due to fear. He’s given me an opportunity to do so with friends as well, as I stay open to support around losing my beloved boy Prince.

Prince has let me care for him, and learn what caring for someone really means. It’s doesn’t mean doing everything for that being, sometimes it means letting them find their own way and just being willing to be there when they stumble and ask for your support, in a way that works for that being.

Prince has shown me how when I “love big”, I don’t have to shut down out of fear; that is merely a choice and one I’m not wanting to make anymore in life. Prince is giving me the opportunity to really feel and believe that I am loveable and deserving of being loved.

It’s not about how I look or don’t, or what I have or don’t although favorite treats do help … LOL. It’s not about how I score, or how quickly I do something. It’s about being true to myself, and being true to other living beings and letting them make their own choices about their lives.

Currently, Prince’s request for support is that I put the computer down and pull him onto my chest, something he’s only recently allowed me to do. With joy, I will happily oblige him. Thank you all for being here to witness Prince’s and my journey. <3 <3

My Prince’s Gift: “You are not alone.”

Missy was letting Prince know today that he is not alone in our family of going through what he is; she is there as well as his other brothers are.

I am confident he’s receiving energy from a number of people who care about and/or have come to care about Prince as there’s just no way he has continued as he has for weeks and weeks beyond the best estimates. This is especially true given Prince made a decision early after diagnosis in the first part of December that he would not accept Sub-Q fluids or pain meds, nor meds in pill and/or liquid compounding form.

I’m so very grateful for the public as well as PM support provided by so many. I really enjoy hearing how Prince has made a difference in someone’s life. I can feel his surprise and pleasure at hearing that, given the somewhat checkered background he had.

Prince feels as satisfied as he did when he and Grandmother first friended. Just pure love. I am a very fortunate woman in life with the open-hearted emotional and spiritual sharing of so many.

What I really appreciated about the words today from Prince is how it comes across to the reader .. it says … YOU are not alone. That really means each of us. We’ve found kindred spirits, others who understand our pain at losing our souls, at times. Now, Prince is reminding me that he was alone earlier while mommy was gone. I don’t think he’s appreciative of the fact that I went against the hospital’s preference (I was in the ER) and came home.

So now … Prince, Missy, and I are going to sleep. Well, the two of them are already sleeping. Mommy will be snuggling with Prince as much as I can staying in the position which best minimizes my pain.

Prince will know he is not alone … he has mommy, Missy, Celt, Blaze, etc. at home. He has each of you as well. Thank you for that gift. <3 <3