The Story Behind the Concept

The thinking and story behind the concept

In many ways, this website is just a dream coming to creation, from a “girl” who loves Dachshunds, wants to help the best way she can, has a solid business background, can create a website, and at times, in the creation of this, has been wondering what she’s gotten herself into. That’s me, Laurel Ley.

I’ve had the idea of securing monthly donors at just $10 a month since 2004-2005, way before anyone else had this idea … short of perhaps John McCain who did something new in political fund-raising. McCain, like I did, recognized that instead of going after the big money, lots of smaller donations add up. I don’t recall if I had heard his idea and adapted it, or if the idea was born out of my years of donating to rescue groups on a monthly (manual) basis.

Since the late 1990s, I had been donating “semi-automatically” to rescue groups and to an organization related to the health issue I co-exist with. This was also before anyone else did this. I would provide my credit card information, or post-dated checks for local rescue groups and to the CFIDS Association … and they would manually deposit the check or run the credit card.

The concept for was born out of my desire and need to support those in Dachshund rescue … in a more impactful way than fostering individual dogs, transporting dogs, doing home visits, etc. All things which are VERY important to help as many Dachshunds as possible.

I’ve done all this since I first got involved in “Dachshund rescue” in October 2001, via fostering and helping out with socializing Dachshunds for Benny Archuleta, nowadays known aka “Senior Wiener”.  He had such a love and connection for helping out homeless Dachshunds that it was difficult not to be inspired.

Why help this way via  I seem to be wired for creating connections and efficiencies, and that really is how I can best serve the hounds I love …. as well as serve those humans who do the heavy lifting work, day-in, and day-out …. that is, actually rescuing, rehabilitating, and loving our mutually-adored long, low dogs, Dachshunds. I would be a wreck actively “doing rescue”.  Plus, I’m really good at big picture stuff, logistics, and bringing people together for a common goal.

As part of or as a result of applying my corporate experience and thinking as well as my extensive experience and training to the field of animal rescue and welfare, I was actively involved for about 1 1/2 years in the animal-related response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Following that, I was invited to develop a disaster response program for PetSmart Charities, which I also managed in the field for 6 years.  I was repeatedly told by people who had years in the disaster response field and animal welfare fields that I personally significantly contributed in the ways that I created the program, expanded it beyond the client’s vision, and managed it in the field.

From my experiences and observation, I became increasingly frustrated watching the general public unknowingly donate to big groups (who have their own role and their own focus such as spay & neuter, legislation, etc.) erroneously thinking that that money was helping their own local groups. Or, in other situations, the general public is seemingly unaware of the significant role that small, local or regional-based groups play in addressing the animal rescue needs locally, and especially breed-specific.

Watching people purchase dogs when often up to 25% of dogs euthanized in shelters are full-breed animals is just …. well, frustrating. A lot of people just don’t know this, so like I have done many many years ago, they buy dogs. High-profile profile people, in particular, have a unique opportunity to help the breed they love. Their participation with raising awareness about fostering and adopting could CHANGE the LIVES of so many animals, as their followers will start to adopt and hopefully even foster.

Until now, there hasn’t been an initiative to generate this awareness among all Dachshund lovers. For too long, it’s been the rescue groups “talking” to the rescue groups and their group of followers. In fact, stay tuned soon for to be launched, with the same goals but among the larger audience beyond us crazy Dachshund owners.

All of what I do and what is offered here is merely just standing on the shoulders of those who have come before … and then energetically standing hand-in-hand with those who are active in the ways that they can best help today.

There’s something so fascinating and inspiring about the collective energy of what everyone contributes in the way that they can. So whether someone is sewing blankets for auctions and raffles, or running auctions, or sharing information … it ALL adds up.

Currently, the organization is not a non-profit nor is it a legal corporation. If this is something you’d like to offer and/or pay for, please let me know. With the exception of Benny’s Barktique, there is no intention to take money for donations as the primary goal of the website is to direct people to those organizations directly helping animals. The shop is just a sweetener, and well, it’s fun.

To me, there is nothing anyone does that is more valuable than what the next person does. It’s all synergistic. Come on … want to join in and contribute in some way?  Donate monthly, help out fun(d)-raisers from various Dachshund groups, adopt, foster, purchase from Benny’s Barktique?  If there’s some other way you want to participate, connect with me.