Why Monthly Donations

Why is donating monthly so important to groups?

With being able to rely on a known donation amount monthly, groups can focus on the animals’ needs more and/or education in their local communities, etc. Typically, groups are scrambling month-to-month, emergency to emergency for the money needed to care for the Dachshunds in need in their care, or the animals waiting for care … as frankly, the calls and needs just do not stop.  When the economy crashes and as people are aging with health issues, there are increasing needs for homes for Dachshunds.

The reality is that the out-of-pocket costs for services provided to smaller rescue groups is most likely to be more than the discounts larger facilities and/or national groups can negotiate.  Either larger groups can afford in-house veterinarian services and/or they get quantity discounts. In addition to paying more for rescue-related services, these groups often take on the cases that need medical care and possibly longer-term treatment.

Smaller groups and especially breed-specific groups play an important role in the animal welfare and rescue picture. Over many years of being involved in that field, time after time I’ve seen breed-specific groups step in to take on numbers of animals and usually those animals with intense medical and behavior issues. Yet they often haven’t received the money which has come in from the publicity. I made some behind-the-scenes impacts on that with one large donor company.  Regardless, these breed-specific groups would most benefit from the consistency and stability that is to be gained from monthly donors and a reliable monthly income.

Breed-specific groups taking on behavior cases is probably never more true than for Dachshund-specific groups.  As we all know, our little wieners can be charmingly a handful. The seeming popularity of Dachshunds combined with the fact that they are bred by people who are not breeding for sound genetics means lots of Dachshunds needing understanding, caring, and loving homes.

For some groups, Dachshund Mafia’s initial goal of 100 people donating a minimum of at least $10 a month will be just a start; some groups may want to target 200, or 300, or maybe even 500 monthly donors.  For others, 100 people a month will be just what they needed to make a significant difference in their ability to take care of Dachshunds without sacrificing in their own lives outside of Dachshund rescue.

Regardless, Dachshund Mafia is committed to sharing this opportunity with all Dachshund lovers so that they see the need for support amongst Dachshund breed-specific rescue groups and efforts, and help to reach the goal of a minimum of 100 monthly donors per month, per group of whoever wants to participate.

We do hope you’ll consider signing up with a group as a monthly donor, browsing and purchasing from the Benny’s Barktique Shop, checking out the information on ongoing fun(d)-raising from various groupsadoption and fostering (versus buying a Dachshund), and the need to Spread the Word.