Conscious Giving

We do ask that you donate consciously because we want all groups to benefit but never at the expense of another group or initiative. To me, conscious giving means:

  • If you choose to participate in this initiative, please do NOT change or redirect whatever donations you are already making to any group or effort, whether Dachshund-related or not
    • We certainly do not want to take away from any group nor do we want to promote growth at the expense of anyone else, whether Dachshunds, other animals, or even humans
    • This is a collaborative initiative and as a collective of Dachshund lovers, we only benefit if all are supported
  • Only participate if it does not cause a hardship to you
    • If you can’t donate money and want to contribute in some way, share this opportunity just 5 times in your social media monthly or find some other way to share
    • Sharing is so so so important
    • If you want to be included in our friendly, casual drawing, let us know and you’ll be included in the drawings; be sure to email your contact information monthly

This way of giving is what I have encouraged people to do for years. Laura Bradshaw Roggendorf of and I are very committed to this. LOL, imagine our surprise when we found others felt similarly.  LOVE it.