Raise your paw if you love Dachshunds. I doubt many people have Dachshunds without being totally in love with them. As one rescue person said, that’s likely how many Dachshunds end up in rescue. They’re not something one has a casual affair with. So, here’s a question: How do you love your Dachshund(s)?  I love Dachshunds so much that I donate money monthly on an automatic basis to a Dachshund-rescue effort so that a group can have a reliable monthly budget … and insure that yet another homeless Dachshund has a loving place to go to and receive needed care. Come on … how about joining in, starting with at least $10 a month?

This is what Dachshund Mafia is all about. If you’re like me and love the little wieners (and Dachshund mixes) so much that you’d do almost anything for them; then, helping provide financial stability to the Dachshund-specific rescue groups and efforts is a great way to do so.  I give just a little bit, $10 a month … but lots of $10 (or more) a month adds up.

This site is another part of how I express my love for Dachshunds.  It will become a hub for Dachshund lovers to easily identify where and how to participate in fund-raising efforts for Dachshund-related rescue groups, whether it’s through the Benny’s Barktique Shop, or in various social media and other places groups share funding needs.

This will offer information to fellow Dachshund lovers related to health and behavior issues …. and for rescue groups on different ways to make money such as affiliation groups, etc.  Ways to make money that is less time-intensive than the “usual”, more common ways such as scrambling for money each time there’s yet another emergency. 

Dachshund Mafia is a collaborative initiative. It ONLY works when we all share a vision and are willing to put the action behind the thought: To help support Dachshund-specific rescue groups until such time as there is only responsible “breeding” and ALL Dachshunds are wanted and have loving homes. 

This implies that no longer are any Dachshunds euthanized for space, or because some community shelter or humane group can’t afford the medical care needed for a mistreated Dachshund. It’s time to start creating this loving world for Dachshunds (then on to other breeds and animals).  Sharing information about adopting Dachshunds, how important and rewarding fostering is.  Helping those who are high-profile make conscious decisions about the Dachshunds (and other animals) they bring into their homes, recognizing that they are in the unique and powerful position of helping to educate large numbers of people.  That can SAVE lives, the lives of our beloved Dachshunds.

Starting with 1,000 people making a conscious donation of at least $10 a month on an automatic basis to some rescue group or effort; the long-term goal is much higher.

Wouldn’t it be great if each Dachshund group that can benefit and wants to participate would have at least 100 automatic donations a month of at least $10?  This site is a hub to support this initiative. Everything else is here to contribute to the fun.

In today’s electronically-connected environment and donation options, there is no reason small groups who make a big impact need to struggle month-to-month with today’s digital and automatic donation options. While these groups may be what we term “grassroots” and rescue lower numbers of animals each month, compared to the big groups … in my extensive experience, these are the folks who are often the ones taking on the higher cost rescues as well as helping individuals with raising money to pay for vet costs that they would not have been able to do any other way.  These are also the folks who have often helped the rest us of change how we view the life and “ability” of an animal needing some care, not just ready and “packaged” to go.

Fun and often unique Dachshund and/or dog-themed items are offered on a regular basis to provide a reason to come visit, regularly.  Any participating group is welcome to add items for sale. Groups and efforts that offer fund-raising auctions are listed from the desire to broaden the exposure and participation these groups attract …. with the intention to help them increase how much money is raised.

You’ll also find information on Dachshund rescue including seniors, information shared on various health issues and other resources such as where you might find help on, and some fun or informational stories.

Are you ready to join others now and become part of the Monthly Doxie Club?

Check out these sections of DachshundMafia.org:

Currently, the organization is not a non-profit nor is a legal corporation. If this is something you’d like to offer and/or pay for, please let me know. With the exception of Benny’s Barktique, there is no intention to take money for donations, and these monies are passed along as outlined. The primary goal of the DachshundMafia.org website is to direct people to those organizations helping animals.

Want to get more involved in what Dachshund Mafia is all about?  Connect here.