I can’t say enough about how rewarding fostering is. Sure, it can be heart-wrenching but not as much as knowing that up to 25% of animals euthanized in shelters are pure breeds and this includes our beloved Dachshunds. The photo at the top of this section is “Benjamin”, my first foster.

So, what’s more important?  Me avoiding some tears or embracing the foster experience and valuing every tear shed.  That said, fostering should always be a conscious decision … taking into account your own schedule as well as that of the other humans in your home, the needs of any animals currently in the home, and the needs of the Dachshund needing fostering.  For example, I have not fostered for a few years due to my own family and health issues plus the needs of a number of seniors plus two unexpected illnesses in two of my Dachshunds. It wouldn’t be fair to the current animals for me to take in any others at this time.

More information will be coming real soon ~ just as soon as the Dachshund Mafia get their mommy to finish getting all the items into the new Benny’s Barktique Shop.  Have you checked out the Monthly Doxie Club yet?

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