Various Fun(d)-Raisers

There are always fun(d)-raisers going on for groups as well …. the need just doesn’t stop. That’s part of the idea behind the Monthly Doxie Club; it would allow groups to spend less time on fun(d)-raising.   Although there is one big benefit to online fun(d)-raising … it gives groups the opportunity to be seen and found by people who love Dachshunds and want to get involved in helping … even if they didn’t know it yet. COULD THAT PERSON BE YOU?  Check out these great fun(d)-raisers:


Please note:

You may find the same items on different fun(d)-raisers and often with a wide range of prices. You may enjoy finding the best deal … some days that really gives me some fun. A friend once said to me that it’s not the price of the item but how much we save that can make some people (like me) so happy. LOL.

Or, you may enjoy the process of an auction … often the back-and-forth between bidders can be fun.  One suggestion and request when participating in an auction … PLEASE please please consider not bidding if you don’t plan on paying and/or you’re not sure if you can pay. I’ve heard from various people and groups that this has happened for them. It leaves the group with extra work as they now need to spend time looking for find new buyers and sometimes at a lower price.  It also leaves the beneficiary with money they may have planned on and having to scramble.

If you just don’t want to wait or you know you want a specific item NOW, check out the items in Benny’s Barktique where you might find the item you love.