Designed to provide some fun items for fellow Dachshund lovers to buy and to help out groups and a few individuals who may need help, Benny’s Barktique is named after Benny Archuleta aka “Senior Wiener”.

Visitors to Benny’s Barktique, housed at should get comfortable and be prepared to enjoy browsing.

Items are being added every few hours. Oh, don’t have a fun mug to fill with your favorite beverage? Benny’s Barktique has a wide range with non-Holiday ones being added soon. There are tons of Christmas items, as well.

Not sure what to get the Dachshund lover in your life, contact Founder Laurel Ley to create a custom gift package for you.  Consider including a monthly donation to a Dachshund rescue group in the name of the Dachshund lover in your life, or perhaps for yourself.

Have a group who would like to participate on the site? Participating Group Guidelines are found here.


Don’t know what you’re looking for?  Can’t find the perfect gift for the Dachshund lovers in your life? Want to celebrate the holiday season filled with visions of sugar plums and Dachshunds?  The Holi-Dachs shop is the place to be. Get your fingers ready …. because the most fun is that you get to help Dachshund rescue efforts while finding items that are just so fun.

You’ll find a wealth of information on this site regarding Benny Archuleta aka “Senior Wiener”. The reason is simple … he is a major inspiration for the concept behind this site as well as within the Dachshund rescue world.  ~ LEARN MORE ~

For Immediate Release

It’s a girl? Nope.

It’s a boy? Nope.

Woof …. surprise … it’s a Dachshund, and it’s part of the cool Mafia ~ the Dachsund Mafia.

A love child is birthed …. combining the love of Dachshunds, the love of helping groups with fun(d)-raising, the love of finding more fun Dachshund-themed items, the love of efficiency …. and the love of collaboration.

Standing on the shoulders of so many before, and so many beside …. the website of has been birthed.  Just in time for holiday shopping (that benefits Dachshunds and their humans) and just in time to honor your loved ones over the holidays by making a monthly donation in their name.

That’s the primary focus of the Dachshund Mafia website … to inspire those who love Dachshunds and those who love the humans who love Dachshunds ….. to signup to support some Dachshund effort by automatically donating at least $10 a month. With just 100 people doing this for a group, that’s $1,000 a month that the group can rely on.  For some groups, this can make a huge difference, and for others, through the Dachshund Mafia collaborative site, having 100 donors a month is a great start. ~ LEARN MORE ~