The Original Dachshund Mafia has an Announcement (WoooooooF)

For Immediate Release

It’s a girl? Nope.

It’s a boy? Nope.

Woof …. surprise … it’s a Dachshund, and it’s part of the cool Mafia ~ the Dachsund Mafia.

A love child is birthed …. combining the love of Dachshunds, the love of helping groups with fun(d)-raising, the love of finding more fun Dachshund-themed items, the love of efficiency …. and the love of collaboration.

Standing on the shoulders of so many before, and so many beside …. the website of has been birthed.  Just in time for holiday shopping (that benefits Dachshunds and their humans) and just in time to honor your loved ones over the holidays by making a monthly donation in their name.

That’s the primary focus of the Dachshund Mafia website … to inspire those who love Dachshunds and those who love the humans who love Dachshunds ….. to signup to support some Dachshund effort by automatically donating at least $10 a month. With just 100 people doing this for a group, that’s $1,000 a month that the group can rely on.  For some groups, this can make a huge difference, and for others, through the Dachshund Mafia collaborative site, having 100 donors a month is a great start.

Plus, for a little extra inspiration …. stay tuned for the announcement of the wonderful prizes you could win if you signup and continue to donate monthly.

While you’re visiting the site, finding a group to donate to monthly and shopping …. also check out the Resources and watch for the Woofings blog to showcase posts from participating groups and people. Resources for groups regarding other ways to fun(d)-raise are also available. Read about the man who is the original inspiration for the site as well as his favorite focus, seniors.

Founder Laurel Ley says:

“Originally conceived in 2004, I’ve been passionate about getting groups to inspire people to donate monthly on an automatic basis for a long time. This just makes sense as it gives a group some level of financial stability as it can be so time-consuming each month trying to cover expenses, especially when there’s yet another dog needing extra medical care, another Dachshund needing a home.

It’s the small groups who on a regular basis take in the hardest cases, and do it without the publicity and/or funding machines of larger groups. All groups play an important role in animal welfare, and it’s time for the smaller groups to get well-deserved support.

I’m so glad that the time has come for this idea to be embraced and for smaller groups to have access to setting up the ability for interested donors to be able to donate automatically on a monthly basis.

All groups who choose to participate in this collaborative initiative are also indicating that they are interested in standing for the best of animal rescue ….  and working to build more communication and cooperation. One thing you’ll see is that we advocate conscious giving ,giving ONLY when it doesn’t take away from any other non-profit donation. This level of awareness isn’t common in the non-profit world as most as used to living with the mentality of their isn’t enough for all.  THERE is, and it’s time to create this.

The cooperation and collaboration starts with the Dachshund Mafia site having links to the various fun(d)-raising efforts of the participating groups as well as awesome shopping here on the site … just as a sweetener to keep people coming to visit.  While this really is a grassroots effort, it always helps to have a corporate background, have learned how to build a website, lots of Dachshund friends and contacts, tons of Dachshund photographs, and to be inspired by love.

When all is said and done, it’s really just all about our beloved Dachshunds all having loving homes where they are safe and receive the care they need, and their humans living as thriving a life as they can.”

Love Dachshunds? Love a human who just can’t get enough of Dachshunds?

Be sure to visit often for news on the latest fun(d)-raising efforts for the participating groups …. to see what items might now be available in the Benny’s Barktique Shop, check out a group to donate to monthly, and just to have some fun. If you’re like the rest of us, you’ll always like to check out yet more photographs of cute Dachshunds.

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