Prince Update ~ 7 February 2014: “You are not alone”

My Prince’s Gift: “You are not alone.”

Missy was letting Prince know today that he is not alone in our family of going through what he is; she is there as well as his other brothers are.

I am confident he’s receiving energy from a number of people who care about and/or have come to care about Prince as there’s just no way he has continued as he has for weeks and weeks beyond the best estimates. This is especially true given Prince made a decision early after diagnosis in the first part of December that he would not accept Sub-Q fluids or pain meds, nor meds in pill and/or liquid compounding form.

I’m so very grateful for the public as well as PM support provided by so many. I really enjoy hearing how Prince has made a difference in someone’s life. I can feel his surprise and pleasure at hearing that, given the somewhat checkered background he had.

Prince feels as satisfied as he did when he and Grandmother first friended. Just pure love. I am a very fortunate woman in life with the open-hearted emotional and spiritual sharing of so many.

What I really appreciated about the words today from Prince is how it comes across to the reader .. it says … YOU are not alone. That really means each of us. We’ve found kindred spirits, others who understand our pain at losing our souls, at times. Now, Prince is reminding me that he was alone earlier while mommy was gone. I don’t think he’s appreciative of the fact that I went against the hospital’s preference (I was in the ER) and came home.

So now … Prince, Missy, and I are going to sleep. Well, the two of them are already sleeping. Mommy will be snuggling with Prince as much as I can staying in the position which best minimizes my pain.

Prince will know he is not alone … he has mommy, Missy, Celt, Blaze, etc. at home. He has each of you as well. Thank you for that gift. <3 <3

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