Prince Update ~ 5 January 2014: “Be grateful”

My Prince’s Gift: “Be grateful”.

I didn’t quite get to our post for last night as I got seduced and lured into snuggling with the yummiest guy … well, it may have been guys and a girl. Nonetheless, pups needed mommy’s undivided attention.

Each time I went to type “Be grateful” .. I typed “Be greatful”. Finally I had to look it up …. as it seemed that maybe there was another message than what I had originally been hearing. This is my favorite part of the definition: “wonderful; first-rate; very good”.

One thing I’ve been learning from the experience Prince and I are sharing is everything I’ve tried to learn for at least the past 25 years: “one day at a time”, “plan plans, not outcomes”, “be in the present”.

If I spent every day thinking about how Prince “will be” dying, “will be” dead, “may suffer before he dies” … I would miss enjoying every minute I can with him. Plus with Blaze, Missy, Celt, Bellissimo the cockatiel, etc.

I find it fascinating how I’ve been trying to learn these lessons, not just intellectually yet really live them, have them as part of my way of being, part of my soul … and Prince’s gift to me is doing just this.

I am grateful for him in my life plus for Senior Wiener who brought him into my life … and for every moment with Prince, even when it’s been rough. I think many people would be surprised at how happy and centered I often am, even when dealing with the inevitabilities of Prince’s condition. <3 <3

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