Prince Update ~ 5 February 2014: “We’re all connected”

My Prince’s Gift: “We’re all connected.”

I loved seeing the rainbow sign as I often take those as signs that I’m on the right path, or what I’m thinking of or wondering about in in alignment.

Later this evening, I really enjoyed a private message Stephan sent, part of which blew me away. I had known since I look a series of pictures of me holding Prince’s head, that one of them would be the image for today.

I spent hours, on and off, holding Prince’s head, stroking it, soothing him, calming him, etc. In the message which Stephan sent, not knowing any of this, he mentioned something about imagining holding Prince’s head in his hand. I had literally just been thinking of the images I had taken, and had just been holding Prince’s head again.

When I read that part of what Stephan wrote, it reminded me of how connected we all are. How others are mirrors for us, for our own choices and behaviors.

I’ve been observing the kids a lot to see what they reflect back to me. I’ve also been doing the same thing with the people around me, especially those I have a reaction to. I have so many graphical posts coming through my Facebook feed on the topic of how we’re all connected, what we do to ourselves we do to others, what we do to others we do to ourselves.

It all reminded me of a sticker I have on the bulletin board which says, “Love your enemies and you won’t have any”. That’s a tough one. Our ego gets involved. Often our natural reaction is to lash out at someone when they hurt us, or we hurt ourselves.

I’ve been interested in myself seeing how tender and compassionate I’ve been able to be with Prince, day-in and day-out. It’s a lovely lesson for me as sometimes I worry that I may get very ill, and who will take care of me, or help me. I guess I’m hoping that I will draw the same type of person to me, someone who is willing to do the difficult emotional work and grow into compassion, starting with oneself.

When I get tired or cranky or frustrated in the situation with Prince, it helps me grow beyond my own comfort zone of feeling powerless.

So, yes …. I feel you and you and you and … as you do me. We may not realize it or be aware of it or acknowledge it, yet we all do so to varying degrees, as we all are connected. Considering this may be true … does that change how you might respond to someone next time you are hurt or scared? Something to ponder.

Off to snuggle with my boy, Prince. He’s been patiently waiting for mommy. <3 <3

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