Prince Update ~ 31 January 2014: “Savor the good”

My Prince’s Gift: “Savor the good.”

I LOVE this one picture of Prince.

I am so grateful we did warmer weather today. It may have only been in the 50s or so; yet it was warm enough to open the window when we went for a drive. I looked up the word “savor”. This is the definition which I relate to the most: “to give oneself to the enjoyment of: to savor the best in life.”

I was mostly raised to be a “glass half empty” type person. For years I’ve been working on learning how to look at life as a “glass half full”, and with some success. Prince however has taught me to really feel this. Prince has me so perplexed .. yesterday his energy was waning. After checking with a couple of intuitive friends, they confirmed what I picked up which was today wouldn’t be the day for him to transition.

Today his energy was clearer and higher. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww .. as I am typing this up; I offered Prince food again. He didn’t want any, yet he was desiring to come get under the covers with me.

He’s not a boy to really give kisses. I lift the covers, he slowly comes under the covers as his energy is lower again, and LICKS my leg. It was just one lick; who cares. I am the happiest mommy right now.

Talk about savoring something … I am relishing this moment. I am savoring … I have had another good day with Prince …. the weather made for a nice, enjoyable ride with Prince ….. the kids’ Grandmother is coming to visit …. the feeling of satisfaction of getting things done around the home including catching up on laundry now that we have a new dryer …… some nice and direct chats with friends tonight ……. my ability to detach from the ups and downs in my life more and more ….. for those who know Benny (Senior Wiener), even though it was sad that Cindy Lou passed tonight, I know she is happy, feeling no pain and I love the thought of that …. how the boy went out of his boy to open the window and tell me how cute Prince is … the softness of Prince’s tongue on my leg ….. all of you here who provide support and community.

Thank you <3 <3

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