Prince Update ~ 3 January 2014: “Enjoy the simple things”

My Prince’s Gift: “Enjoy the small things”.

Today was completely different than yesterday. I was gone for six hours, and I felt like I imagine perhaps new mothers may feel when they leave their newborn for the first time. This is the longest I’ve been away from Prince’s and Blaze’s sides for weeks. Mommy got her hair trimmed, and it had been over a year.

There was an interesting metaphor in this. I usually get my hair done in Northern California yet I haven’t been “home” there since October 2012. The longest I’ve been away perhaps since 1982. The hairdresser I’ve used here, who was wonderfully recommended by Jillian Poland cut off the part that wasn’t healthy anymore; where it had gotten so thin it grew to a point.

The metaphor came to me that sometimes we need to “cut off” or let go of what doesn’t work for us anymore. We’re often afraid of change, yet by releasing what’s not serving us, we are lighter and healthier and happier. My hair was and I loved that my hairdresser enjoyed running her fingers through my new healthy hair; my hair loved it as well. πŸ™‚

I did some window shopping and popped into a store I had seen for years at the beach ~ I love how the Universe works. One of the women there shared how she lost two of her dogs within two weeks of each other, right before Christmas one year. Reminded me I really hope people start to share their own stories on My Prince’s Gift’s page here. Please.

Prince loves being part of a family and this is a way to honor him. Another woman there has two long-haired Dachshunds. She noticed my Dachshund purse. I have tons of Dachshund stuff I’ll be putting up online this weekend, all new and looking for their own homes.

Then, the biggest news is that Prince is eating again. I haven’t talked much about this and I’m going to make a specific post on this as it’s a core issue on Prince’s prognosis. One thing I did learn is to listen to my intuition when it comes to how much to feed Prince at one time. More on that later.

Lastly, it’s with deep sadness I share that Senior Wiener found out today that two of his seniors have cancer as well. Cindy Lou has lymphoma while Paulie had stomach cancer as well which is quite unusual to me as less than 1% of malignant cancers are stomach cancer, and here we have two. πŸ™

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