Prince Update ~ 3 February 2014: “Believe in magic”

My Prince’s Gift: “Believe in magic.”

I was talking to a friend tonight commenting on how it seems Prince has been living off of air and “energy” the last couple of weeks.

He’s eaten so little, even going a few days without no food that I was aware of. Of course, he could be eating the other dogs’ stools as he used to do that; yet I don’t believe he is. Hence, with what he’s eaten, I’m amazed he’s still living, and is more active than one might expect.

I was told by a friend of mine who’s an animal communicator that Prince was ready to leave physical form, yet had something related to me he was staying around for. Plus, there was something related to “a guy”. Prince’s only question would be if his body would cooperate and stay functioning as long as he’d like it to.

He mostly wants mommy’s attention, 24/7. Laying up against me … mommy touching his head … laying my hands on his body no matter how it feels …. going for a r-i-d-e ….

I’m fully prepared, no matter how it might hurt, to be ready to release Prince from his physical form just as soon as it’s clear he is ready, or his body is. With the complications of his anemia, by most estimates, he likely would not have lived past Christmas 2013.

I look at him and wonder at the miracle he is. I LOVE, I enjoy, it fills me to see how the lessons I am learning from him are also helping others. That brings me so much joy just as enjoying my time with Prince does. Speaking of, it’s time to go snuggle with the boy. <3 <3

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