Prince Update ~ 21 January 2014: “Pay attention to the details”

My Prince’s Gift: “Pay attention to the details.”

I’m lucky in that I’m a person who usually pays equal attention to the details while looking at the bigger picture.

I’ve been so consumed in Prince of late, plus my own health issues or rather now feeling SO much better than I have for a year .. I missed that maybe Blaze had something going on that his urine was smelling soooooo rank, beyond strong. I am OVERLY attuned to my own body having a health issue for 24 years, and the same is true for watching my kids’ issues.

I remember thinking “hmmm, is that normal”; yet didn’t pay enough attention to my intuition to get it checked out. Turns out after Blaze peed on the blanket I was holding him in while he got a micro-current treatment today (as I think he may have had a stroke or seizure lately), Blaze peed. The smell was overwhelming which our lovely Vet Tech Velvet noticed immediately. So Blaze is now on a week of Baytril.

Usually a detail like that would not have missed my attention. It did. I’ve only knocked myself just a tiny bit that I wasn’t paying good enough attention. Mostly, it was a clear reminder to “pay attention to the details”. One of those is that the service guy is coming early Wednesday morning to look at my dryer which isn’t heating properly. That’s another detail that’s very important right now with how much laundry we’re going through with Blaze’s incontinence issues. Also, Prince loves hanging out in the laundry room as it’s warm.

So, off to bed this mommy goes. We must get the dryer fixed ASAP, mostly so Prince can have his nest he is enjoying so much.

Here’s a detail to keep in mind .. do you have a recent copy of each of your pet’s vet records so in an emergency you have proof of vaccination (so they don’t have to get vaccinated again) as well as any blood work or tests? I get copies from every visit, just for this reason. Came in handy lately with Prince when we ended up at the ER.

Go ahead … think of a few details you might normally forget or overlook and then get them taken care of. You’ll feel wonderfully accomplished, and happy. Enjoy. <3 <3

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