Prince Update ~ 2 January 2014: “Be where you are”

My Prince’s Gift: “Be where you are.” 

Today was a rough day.  It started out waking up early with Blaze possibly having had a mini-stroke or seizure or he had managed to get to the other side of the bed and was having a dream; he had peed in bed. Usually he sleeps RIGHT NEXT up to mommy.  Later, when we all got up, Prince vomited, a lot, before breakfast.  Given he’s not eating a lot and hadn’t had anything this morning, it possibly means his stomach is breaking down more.

Nonetheless, I managed to get a lot done today that’s been lingering for a while.  A few representatives of companies I was calling ended up getting to listen to me snorkle through a call as in a couple of times when I was asked “How are you”, I’d burst into tears.  It was also interesting how connecting it was to hear how many people talked about losing their own pets.

One of my favorite articles that is about allowing yourself to “be where you are” is “Prayer of the Body”.

I let myself cry when I needed to, laughed when I did, and just flowed with what my body and soul needed.  What causes many of our issues is that we’re not okay with being where we are.  If you can accept where you are; there’s less internal resistance. When we keep fighting what’s going on with us; we get sick.

Spent part of the evening listening to the playlist I am making for Prince.  This is one song that particularly resonated with me.

Interesting lesson from a boy who is sick himself, and dying. <3 <3

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