Prince Update ~ 19 January 2014: “Get out and enjoy life”

My Prince’s Gift: “Get out and enjoy life.”

I’ve been trying to figure out what Prince’s obsession with r-i-d-es has been, the last few days. He’s always enjoyed them, yet now he’s almost crest-fallen if we don’t go at least once every day.

Today it hit me … I kept hearing some message about “get out … ” and then voila, it all sunk in … “Get out and enjoy life”.

Even something seemingly small such as a ride can change ones entire outlook. Having just spent almost a year in a flare with the auto-immune disease I have which was diagnosed about 24 years ago (, sometimes it can be tough to have a positive perspective.

I often think of Viktor Frankl of “Man’s Search for Meaning”. He realized while being held in a camp in Germany during WW2 that we can all find meaning in anything, and that no one can take away our CHOICE at how we look at situations in life. Pretty amazing given his life story.

As I wrote about yesterday, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to watch as Prince changes from the once-vibrant boy he’s been for the 7 or so years I’ve known him. He still barks, still howls, still is animated … yet it’s obvious he’s beginning to slip away. The amazing thing is that he has lived weeks past when I and his vet thought he would, and I believe past when some would have thought as well. With how little he’s eating, he’s still quite active.

He’s totally committed to making sure I get as many “gifts” or “lessons” as he can convey. So for your sake or for loved ones, and in honor of My Prince’s Gift .. “Get out and enjoy life”. NOW, and all day long. <3 <3

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