My Prince ~ Love Comes in All Forms

It was 2 years ago today my beloved Prince of My Prince’s Gift decided it was time to transition out of his body. He was a member of the the Dachshund Mafia He taught me so much across our time together … especially since he was diagnosed with stomach cancer on Thanksgiving, 2013 …. This is by far my most favorite picture of us together.

He was a boy with a serious biting issue who Benny Archuleta entrusted me over time to work with him and eventually to allow Prince and I to be together where we belonged. We had become part of each other’s souls … Or maybe we were always like that and it just took me time to recognize him.

I invite you to check out the daily lessons I posted about, compliments of my sweet angel boy …

He visits frequenly in spirit .. giving the new crew lessons on driving mommy nuts, and how to make me beam. Well, he and Tuna are doing that as Debbie well knows.

Our special thanks to Buceo Stephano who was a daily support .. and then on the day of Prince’s transition, he and his pack honored Prince at the time of his death (Stephan knew the original time and his Goldie knew the actual time as she howled exactly at the new time) ….. They honored us with a traditional Native ceremony as well.

Prince died many years sooner than expected, and he was my 3rd in 10 months to transition out of body. Even though they are all around a lot .. I do miss times such as these. ~ Laurel  

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