Elvis Has Left the Building

It is with mixed emotions I share that I helped our boy, Blaze, transition out of his physical body today. It was time, he was tired.

He missed his best friends .. the original “Dachshund Mafia”. This is him with Tuna (left), his son, and Tiffany, his Love. We often listened to Elvis’ “Hound Dog” and “Return to Sender” with the kids “dancing” with mommy.

His passing was peaceful, held lovingly in my arms. Blaze was 16 1/2. He had been living with Dementia as well as a loss of most of his eyesight and hearing for some time. He bravely faced life, trucking down the hall between rooms.

He was the world’s best snuggler.

In the next few days I am going to post up a number of items plus services being offered to help me pay off the approximately remaining $10,000 in vet bills between these three and including Prince’s bills, about half of this. Half of everything will be going to pay the $3,000 loaned to me for Prince’s bills by a generous soul who has his own rescue dogs to care for. The loan let me focus on Prince’s life, rather than his death.

In fourteen months, I’ve gone from 6 dogs to 2, Celt and Missy. There are many changes coming in my life; getting the loan paid off plus paying down the remaining bills put on credit cards will give me some peace around the coming transitions in my life. If you’re inspired to help now, gifts would be gratefully accepted via Paypal sent to Laurel@MontereyMarketing.com. I’ve spent most of my life being the one to help others. It’s quite new to be on the receiving side; and a wonderful life lesson for me.

I am mostly at peace with Blaze’s transition due to the internal work I’ve been doing since Thanksgiving when my health took a sudden turn for the better, after being physically ill for over a year. In the past month, my healing has been facilitated by the gift of learning Trinity Energy Progression.

As I left for the vet now knowing if Blaze was returning home in bodily form or not, I supported myself with a few things .. I immediately started using Trinity Energy Progression, I tapped into the support of my “community”, and I wore two of my Intentions Jewelry bracelets .. “White Buffalo Calf Woman” and “St. Germaine”. I got 3 of the bracelets on my 50th birthday, four years ago July; and this latest phase of my spiritual path started then.

I am grateful for my wonderful companions in my life; some are now participating via spirit form ~Laurel See More

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